When do I modify?

When do you stop doing an exercise during pregnancy?

I feel like a lot of us who do CrossFit, have what’s called the “athlete brain”. We think because we can do an exercise, and it doesn’t feel awful.. then we should keep doing it. OR we are competitive beasts and want to keep working out the way we were before because we don’t want to look as though pregnancy is slowing us down. #cantstopwontstop.

Heres the thing, recognize that you may have athlete brain, and understand that pregnancy is temporary. You aren’t going to lose your ability to run if you stop running during your second trimester. And your body wont stop being able to do kipping pull-ups if you stop during your second trimester. You will get it back postpartum.

Pregnancy is 10 months. During those first 3 months, you likely didn’t have to modify anything, but going into the second trimester you will likely need to modify.

Training a pregnant athlete can be very individual. Asses how you are feeling during your movements, and keep “risk vs. Reward” in the back of you mind. Does getting an RX on the board by running in a WOD or doing Double unders mean more to you then keeping your pelvic floor strong, and having the ability to do those movements without peeing your pants after baby?

Remind yourself that this is not a competition. This is your life and you are training for the long run. You are training for post baby, you are keeping yourself strong in all aspects. Learning when to stop movements or to modify movements during your training can be the key to a healthier and stronger postpartum phase.

Certain movements involving high impact, jumping, running, pulling, should be limited. If you see coning in the midsection, you can reassess your breathing. If the coning stops, you can keep doing the exercise. However, if it doesn’t, you make want to modify your movement.

you will want to stop doing movements or modify the movement if you feel any pain, pulling, pressure in your abs, vagina or pelvic floor. Or stop if it just doesn’t feel good anymore. Remember, risk vs reward and that pregnancy is temporary.

What exercises did you miss doing while being pregnant?