The Binge Cycle, does it look familiar?

Most likely, a lot of you are saying YES, THIS IS ME!

Read on…

Have you ever made a “healthy” version of a food you thought was bad for you? Let says cookies..

You made a healthy version of cookies, but of course, it didn’t taste as good as the ones you really wanted. You end up eating all of the healthy cookies because they’re “healthy”, so you think you can eat as much as I want.

So now you have eaten all the “healthy” cookies, but the problem is, you are still left wanting those cookies you were craving to begin with.

Does this sound familiar?

– “Diet starts Monday”
– Restricts everyday, until Friday rolls around
– Feels deprived, watches everyone eating amazing food
– Cravings set In, you want all the chips, donuts and pizza
– Instead eats healthy versions of these foods.
– You finally get your hands on some pizza, you binge on all the food and now you feel sick
– Guilt and shame set in
– Time to diet again, diet starts Monday.

Have you ever wanted to break free from this? To be able to eat an Oreo out of the cupboard, and not have it send you into a binge session? Have you ever just wanted to eat the cake at your kids birthday party and not feel guilty about it?

Those things CAN happen for you. You can live your life and eat the damn cookie, without guilt, and without spiralling into a binge.

But in order to do that you need to take the first step. You need to believe in yourself, and know that you CAN overcome this. The second step is hiring someone who can help you overcome this, someone to help you stay accountable. Not a babysitter, but someone who wants to see you succeed, just as much as you want to succeed.

Going through this binge cycle doesn’t have to be your story, not anymore. Are you ready to change your story?